The history and evolution of modern men sherwani

Sherwani is one of the traditional long coats like dress worn by the men in South Asia. Historically, this dress was associated with the Muslims of the region, but after its popularity now it is been worn by every man in the South Asia especially on occasions like wedding. This dress basically originated by the fusion of two attires, the shalwar kameez and the British frock coat. Sherwani is usually worn over a kurta and shalwar or in some regions with a churidar.

Earlier, this dress was the sign of Royals of India, but 18th century it became more common among the general public. This dress was also being associated with the famous Aligarh movement, as the famous Muslim politician of that movement used this dress as their symbol of unity with the Muslim nation. Moreover, this dress also became the part of uniform for the students of Aligarh University. This dress gained more importance and status when the new state Pakistan declared its national dress as sherwani. However, this dress is still preferred attire for the men of India, especially on occasions.

Different trends and cuts in Men sherwani

Men sherwani is preferred attire because it gives a royal look, and it has a smart appeal attached to it. Earlier, this dress wasn’t embellished with embroidery and stones, but now with changing trends the men sherwani is often laced with heavy embroidery and stones. Moreover, in past a heavy suiting fabric was preferred to stitch the men sherwani, but now even the light fabric can be turned into a beautiful piece of Sherwani for the groom.


Today, there are many designers who have introduced modern cuts and styles in traditional sherwani just to give them a new look. Furthermore, these designers have also experimented with the way this dress can be worn by the men. In the past, these coats were only worn with a kurta and churidar, but now designers have introduced them with a pair of trousers and shirts. Now, the men sherwani can also be worn like a British long coat, especially on occasions. However, the grooms of South Asia still prefers to go with their traditional sherwani styles on their wedding as it portrays a sense of royalty.

Tips to buy the men sherwani

Before selecting the men sherwani for any occasion, there are certain tips that need to be followed,

Current trends: Before ordering the sherwani it is important to check the latest trends and cuts in the market, as the trend keeps on changing fast and designing an old fashioned outfit will not be good option if the individual really wants to shine at the occasion.

Color: The color of the fabric that will be used to stitch sherwani should highlight the skin color of the individual, as the colors which make the skin color dull will create a disastrous sherwani.

Fabric: This is the most important factor that needs to be checked and rechecked. The comfort and quality of the fabric that will be used to make sherwani will have an immense impact on the final product.